WJX Cartridges needles #0803RL Diameter 0.25mm 5mmTaper(RL) Round Liner Box of 20

WJX Cartridges needles #0803RL Diameter 0.25mm 5mmTaper(RL) Round Liner Box of 20
Κωδικός προϊόντος: AD4068
Τιμή χωρίς Φ.Π.Α: 18,90 €
Τιμή με Φ.Π.Α: 23,44 €

Special Rebound
There is four special elastics hold on rebound that lighten the pressure of the needle bar, working silence.

Medical Grade LG PC
The frame made by PC polycarbonate, Polycarbonate is colorless, transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant, BI grade, and has good mechanical properties at normal use temperatures.

Original Design
From the outer needle shell to the needle thread, and even every part, we have carried out layer screening and testing to make a needle run smoothly, save more ink, fast color, low skin loss, and every detail is critical.

Lowest Tin Solder    
The needles wire is fixed by fogging and discharging needles, plastic sets and precise moulds, which greatly reduces the welding process, thus avoiding the chemical pickling process and ensuring the safety and hygiene of each needle wire.

New Shell Design
The design of ink guide groove is added under the needles nozzle to increase ink storage. The protruding part becomes the track when the needles is out. With the arc clamp limiter on both sides of the needles nozzle, the friction coefficient is reduced, the stability of the needle is increased and the smooth needle and ink flow are guaranteed.

Cross Limiter
The design of secant needle is similar to each other. The stabilizing device of cross needle can make the needles run steadily and increase the ink storage at the same time.

The radian of the front section of the arc-shaped needle nozzle is the same as that of the needle wire.

Grinding design of the front end of the needle nozzle to increase ink storage and control color spillover.

Package: 20pcs per box