Lash Botox 7 ml.

Lash Botox is used in one of lamination procedure steps. Botox should be applied after tinting and...

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Adhesive for eyelash lamination «Force»

ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΟ  Apply with reusable silicone rollers for curling and lash lamination. Reliably...

Τιμή για εσας: 17,00 €

Composition for eyelash lamination №3 «Care» sachet, 5g

Σύνθεση για πλαστικοποίηση N°3 "Care"     Η τρίτη σύνθεση για πλαστικοποίηση είναι...

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Rollers for eyelashes "Lovely"

For biowaving / laminating procedure For desired, exquisite natural curl of the eyelashes. They are...

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Separator for eyelashes curling

Separator for eyelashes biowaving is used in eyelashes lamination and biowaving procedures. This...

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Botox for eyelashes B-active, 5 ml

B-active deeply nourishes the lashes along the entire length and improves its appearance. Included...

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