Henna for eyebrows in a sachet(1 g.)

Κωδικός προϊόντος: AD3071
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Henna for eyebrows is convenient and easy to use, quickly dyes eyebrows, gives them a natural and bright natural shade.

Henna stays on the skin for 7-14 days and up to 6 weeks on hair. Even gently applied it affects the hairs without gluing them. The eyebrows are easy to give the desired shape and color. You will be pleased with perfect contour, expressive clarity, and even shade.

With the support of henna, you will achieve a resistant saturated color and long-term effect of well - groomed eyebrows.

Henna strengthens the hair follicle, stimulates blood circulation, awakens "sleeping" follicles and stimulates hair growth

There are 4 colors available:

- Black "Black Morion"

- Brown "Royal Brown",

- Dark "Brown Intense",

- Light brown "Brown Topaz".